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force one expected to touchdown in los angeles any moment. president heading to a private event followed by a campaign 30 days to victory concert at nokia theater in los angeles. it will be packed with celebrity supporters. president will make remarks along with actor and sinsel town george clooney and musical performances by many celebrities we'll get a live report a bit later on. >> heather: political battle breaking out over the number one issue this election season, jobs. on friday. the labor department reporting that the unemployment rate for september was right there, 7.8%. the obama campaign out to that go number to show that the recovery is picking up steam, but republicans say the actual jobs picture is far bleaker because that number doesn't account for millions of americans who are underemployed or simply given up for work. it sounds like this political battle may have gotten the start from controversial tweet from jack welsh? >> he is one of most respected former ceos. within minutes. jobs report. he tweeted this. quote, unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will do a
-admission,ed fines could cost $1 billion annual by 2015. we go live to los angeles with more on that. ouch! dominic. >> reporter: absolutely. look, the fines have come about because hospitals are causing patient re-admissions that could be avoids, jamie, around two-thirds of u.s. hospitals are currently facing fines of patients who have to go back for treatment of severe conditions. for now, it's people who have suffered a heart attack or heart failure or pneumonia and find themselves in the hospital, yet again within 30 days of discharge. it is down to things like poor hygiene, where patients catch infections like mrsa or making sure that pates take their meds or get support at home. it's basic stuff. >> hand washing is a big issue. medication adherence is a big issue, a lot of patients will get discharged, go home and maybe they can't pay for or don't have the ability to pick up the drug they need and they end up noncompliant and they are back in the e.r. within 7 or 14 days. >> reporter: jamie, the fines medicare's imposing will average $125,000 annual per hospital. so for america's 2200 hospita
forcing a great many hospitals to close their doors. live in los angeles with more on this. first off, what is going at the hospitals that is causing so many patients to be readmitted? >> basically about two-thirds of america's hospitals are making fundamental errors when it comes to things like basic hygiene, cause infections in patients and when they go home and they are back within 30 days. often simple situations like patients have to be told how to take meds properly. what they need post hospital care at the end of the day. as a result of this you are seeing lots of people come back. medicare are paying for those people and they are implementing fines. >> gregg: how large is the fines are the hospitals facing. are they going to improve their standards? >> to begin with on average it's going to be $125,000 per year, but medicare intends on increasing the rate so annually collected among all hospitals paying up to billion dollars a year. that is actually a loss of money. the government wants to pressure hospitals to raising standards. there is another source of pressure that might
republican to quote . now there is another republican. i bruced mitt romney a couplev years ago in the los angeles california club and i said to the group that is there. let's not make the mistake of looking for the next ronald reagan. we may do that and walk past the next great leader of our movement. when you put machine up against ronald reagan. they will fail because it is ronald reagan. let mitt romney have his moment and applaud him and not try to tie him to the past buto. >> why do people say you need that phrase and sentence in a debate that can be remembered for people going forward for the generation toz come. why do you have to have that pivotal moment. >> they are the game changer. whether the age issue with mondale there you go again . are you better off today than you are four years ago in great moments. different time and place that we are in than we were back in 1980 even though there are many similarities. society is different today than it was back in the 1980s. and so we have to change and understand it from that view point. >> let me ask you going forward, what are your
: dominic di-natale in los angeles. thanks. >> heather: a milestone in libya. marking a year since the death of leader muammar gaddafi. we are learning new information on the deadly terror attack in libya last month on the consulate that killed four americans. greg palkot is streaming live for us from benghazi, libya. greg? >> heather, that is right. a year since the capture and killing of gaddafi. struggling to get control of things. we have confirmed in the past. couple of hours, long time spokesman for the late dictator has been arrested to the south of trippi. he has been on the run for more than a year. the birthplace of revolution. they express concerns to me as well. >> i am happy. so happy because gaddafi is dead now. >> problems that still have the guns. collect all the guns. >> bitter. >> the attack on the consulate that left them dead sign of ongoing visibility here. the main residence burned out. smell the smoke from the fire by the mob and see signs of desperation. hand print on a wall. it was ransacked. credible eyewitness told us the mob marched the compound on the night of th
in the unsolved murder and kidnapping that gripped the country. dominic di-natale is live in los angeles. >> this is potentially an important break-through here. little evidence coming in before now. all we had is her backpack left on the sidewalk two days after she went missing. this is a miniature celtic cross, inch-and-a-half across and one inch down. markings that look to be done by hand. we'll show you that. this is at the scene. only the killer and the police know for now. the authorities think a charm that was worn by jessica's killer. >> gregg: the question is -- >> there were different designs and patterns. we weren't able to find one that had a replication of these unique characteristics. or markings. >> a question here is whether the authority can really rely on the public to come forward. if they know a person who is wearing or handling something that distinct. it could give a lot away. it could help with another development we have seen in jessica's case here. link between the murder and attempted obduction of 22-year-old woman in may. it happened when she was jogging near a
. space shuttle is crawling through the streets of los angeles being to yoed to youed to the science center. it is going at a top speed of two miles per hour. and td banks is notifying customers from maine to florida they may be victims of a data breach. unencrypted back up tapes were misplaced. and those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> peter thank you very much. the obama administration is taking heat for the handling of the terror attack in benghazi and lawmakers are determine to get to the bottom of what happened in libya. here's more in washington with the latest to get those answers. >> they started to investigate the lib raattack. the republican senator who lead the security committee said there is a full acting. and they say in a statement we intend to examine the circumstances before and during and after the attack including threat aware and communication among the intelligence commount and state department and white house . we want to fully understand why the administration's assessment of the attack were proven inaccurate. they are fielding a lot of questions
so fist indicate the. >> right now the space shuttle endeavour is headed to a new home at a los angeles museum. they are telling some residents to stay indoors to avoid getting hit. it's a tight squeeze. don't anybody move. >> tough to not want seeing that move down the street. >>> the romney campaign is saying it messed up early voting. some may not get a chance to have their vote counted, including our troops stationed overseas. we have more details from washington. hi, peter. >> hi, jamie, that's right. in the romney campaign suit against wisconsin it says plainly that they are taking action to defend the voting rights of americans living overseas. including members of the military who didn't get their ballots sent to them by the september 22nd deadline, 45 days ahead of the election. here's part of the romney's campaign reasoning. quote, because members of the military are often stationed in remote, dangerous front line locations, there is a substantial likelihood that the defendant's vital of the law will prevent military voters from receiving, competing and returning their
-old denver area youngster. a small wooden cross could lead them to her killer. we're joined live from los angeles with more on the investigation. dominic, what can you tell us? >> it's a tiny but intriguing and potentially pivotal clue into who killed jessica ridgeway on her way to school. overnight, police in westminster, colorado, revealed details of a wooden crews fix found in a location known only to the killer. the cross on the screen is an inch and a half tall, one inch across with a hole drilled so it could have been worn as a necklace. one side of the center crossbar, three bars vertically and a zigzag which is unique to the pendant. >> we feel or believe that it may have been dropped or left behind by the killer. and because of the unique characteristics of it on both sides having different etching or describing, we want the public to look at that, believing somebody may end up calling with a tip, providing additional information, they knew somebody who had one recently. >> the authorities say it's definitely not jessica as and they want to hear from the public about anyone they
and the 90% humidity for a while. this morning, president obama was on the move, leaving for los angeles, where he has a big hollywood fund-raiser later on today. that off the back of record for campaign 2012 fund-raising month of september, took in $181 million. he continues to hit governor romney for not telling the truth during the debate. ask the obama campaign trying to explain the president's performance on wednesday night. here's robert gibbs from meet the press. >> it is not rocket science to believe that the president was the disappointed in the expectations he has for himself. >> i think you are going to see a very engaged president that is ready and willing to call out whichever mitt romney shows up. >> reporter: at the same time, the romney campaign is wonder which president obama is going to show up? one said they fully expect the tough, chicago obama to be at the next debate. on the campaign trail, laying out some themes for the next one on one. >> every year, the median income in america's gone down, it's down $4300 a family and the average income of a family around $50,00
numerous dli delays as it tooled through the streets of los angeles. trees, lamp posts, and buildings all causing trouble. the cost of moving the shuttle is estimated to be $10 million. >>> debates are often as much about style as substance. some say the vice-president's mannerisms perhaps overshadowed anything either man was trying to say while others applauded his take. james rosen looks at what happened and the reaction. >> that's a bunch of malarkey. >> i think people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> this is a bunch of stuff. >> it's irish. >> it is. >> reporter: 51 million viewers of thursday's debate imbibed a few shots of irish and a healthy sampling of vintage joe biden. to virtually every thrust made by republican nominee paul ryan, the hyperanimated vice-president responded by grinning and smiling. many called it smirking and by rolling his eyes to the heavens. >> i think that undid the advantage in rhetoric that he had in carrying the debate. it was so disrespectful. >> i think biden really made a lot of strong points tonight. again, i just don
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)